Friday, 6 January 2017

Thery are coming (Thargoids in Elite: Dangerous)

First contact with the Thargoids in Elite: Dangerous

They are back. Run for your life!!!

Thursday, 22 December 2016



Saturday, 12 November 2016

Leonard Cohen is dead

The Canadian poet and snger Leonard Norman Cohen passed away in November 7, 2016. I discovered him in my teens and his songs have been in my life until his death.

Sit tibi terra levis

Saturday, 24 September 2016

An AAR for NB

Javi Gámez, the owner of the publishing rights and the soul behind the 4th Edition of Napoleon's Battles (NB-4) continues to add material to the Napoleon's Battles web site. The latest addition is an AAR about Friedland narrated by Tom Bierschenk. In Tom's words:
"The game was played on 15 July 2016, at the Historicon Miniature Gaming Convention in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The game lasted from 1:00 in the afternoon until midnight, and we completed 26 turns of a 30 turn scenario.
At that point, we called the game, judging that it would likely be a slight Russian victory. Most of the Victory Points in the scenario are in the village of Friedland and the two bridges at Friedland in the Russian rear, and the French were very close, but could probably not take the village before the end of the game"
See a simple of the AAR:

In bed with a sort of flu and waiting to play with my little men...
Watch this space!!

Saturday, 20 August 2016

A day to remember

My daughter's wedding!!!!

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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Probsthain for Lasalle. The forces

The Russian forces taking part in the Probsthain affaire were part of the rearguard cavalry of the Langeron Corps of the Army of Silesia, commanded by the General Yuzefovich,, in combination with the rearguard of the Osten-Sacken Corps.
For the French side, were involved elements from the Sebastiani's II Cavalry Corps and from the Bertrand's IV Corps.
In order to make an interesting and balanced game, I took units of the Nafziger's Orders of Battle Collection. The French were taken from list 813JIA "French Order of Battle for Leipzig, 16-19 October 1813" and the Russians from the 813IIK "Army of Silesia, End of September ". Some units were not used, to acommodate a feasible number of units on the tablegame.

Russian Army
Moral 38 Break point 13
12 Battalions/4 Regiments/3 Cossack Pulks/ 3 batteries

General Yuzefovich
C-i-C Yuzefovich (-/-)
Cavalry Rearguad Yuzefovich (-/-)
1st Brigade Rüdinger (-/¶)
Kargopol DR R/E/Pu
Kiev DR R/E/Pu
2nd Brigade Uschakov (-/¶)
Smolensk DR R/E/Pu
Kurland DR R/E/Pu
Cossack Brigade: Kuriatov (-/*)
Karpov #2 S/I/Pu
Lukowkin #2 S/I/Pu
Grekov S/I/Pu
10th Division Lieven (-/¶)
1st Brigade Salfinski (-/-)
1/Jaroslav IR R/E/SK1
2/Jaroslav IR R/E/SK1
2nd Brigade Sass (-/¶)
1/Crimea IR R/E/SK1
1/Bieloserk IR R/E/SK1
2/Bieloserkn IR R/E/SK1
3rd Brigade Achlestischev (-/-)
1/8th Jaeger R/E/SK2
2/8th Jager R/E/SK2
1/39th Jager R/E/SK2
Position Bat #10 Foot/4guns/H/1Hw
Light Bat. #24 Foot/4guns/M/1Hw
Horse Bat. #24 Foot/3guns/M/2Hw
16th Division Repninsky (-/-)
1st Brigade Rachmanov (-/¶)
1/Okhotsk IR R/E/SK1
2/Okhotsk IR R/E/SK1
1/Kamchatka IR R/E/SK1
2/Kamchatka IR R/E/SK1
Baggage unit train
Baggage unit train

French Army
French Army Moral 46 ; Break point 15
14 Battalions/7 Regiments/4 Batteries
General Sebastiani
C-i-C Sebastiani (-/*)
II Reserve Cavalry Corps Sebastiani (-/*)
2nd Light Cavalry Division Roussel d'Hurbal (+1/*)
7th Light Cavalry Brigade Lagrange (+1/-)
11th Chasseurs à Cheval R/A/Pu
12th Chasseurs à Cheval R/A/Pu
5th Hussars R/E/Pu
2nd Heavy Brigade Thiry (-/-)
5th Cuirassiers V/E/Sh
8th Cuirassiers V/E/Sh
8th Light Cavalry Brigade Dommagnet (+1/¶)
9th Hussars R/E/Pu
2nd Chevaulégers R/E/Pu/Ln
7/1e Horse Artillery Horse 2Guns/M/1Hw
2/11e Horse Artillery Horse 2Guns/M/1Hw
12th Division Morand (+1/-)
1st Brigade Belair (-/-)
1/8e Légère R/A/SK1
2/8e Légère R/A/SK1
3/8e Légère R/A/SK1
2nd Brigade Toussaint (+1/*)
1/13e Ligne R/A/SK1
2/13e Ligne R/A/SK1
3/13e Ligne R/A/SK1
4/13e Ligne R/A/SK1
3rd Brigade Hulot (-1/-)
1/23e Ligne R/A/SK1
2/23e Ligne R/A/SK1
4/23e Ligne R/A/SK1
4/13e Ligne R/A/SK1
1/137e Ligne R/A/SK1
2/137e Ligne R/A/SK1
3/137e Ligne R/A/SK1
1/2e Artillerie Foot 3Guns/M/1Hw
3/2e Artillerie Foot 3Guns/M/1Hw

Next thing, the Scenario rules

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Probsthain. The next Lasalle project

While most of the Army of Silesia, i.e. the Prussian contingent and part of the Langeron's Corps, retreated northwards in haste after being catch by Napoleon at Duben on the Mulde River, part of the Langeron's rearguard cavalry and the whole of the Osten-Sacken's Russian Corps, that were located between the Elbe and the Mulde rivers, were taken by surprise by the rapid advance of Sebastiani's II Cavalry Corps and the advanced elements of the Bertrand's IV Corps.
The General Yuzefovich, commanding the Langeron's rearguard cavalry, fought a defensive action in order to protect the retreat of the Osten-Sacken's Corps. A small combat took place at Probsthain, along the route leading to north, against elements of the Sebastiani's II Cavalry Corps and the Bertrand's IV Corps. Yuzefovich achieved his goal, and the Russians escaped northwards, reaching the main body of the Army of Silesia after a long and risky detour.

Table-map (Note that North is down!!!)

- L.G. Fabry, «Mémoires de Langeron, général d'infanterie dans l'armée russe, campagnes de 1812, 1813, 1814 publiés, d'après le manuscrit original» Paris 1902.
- M. V. Leggiere, « Napoleon and the Struggle for Germany. The Franco-Prussian War of 1813. Volume 2. The Defeat of Napoleon ». Cambridge Military History, 2015.
- F. Nafziger “Napoleon at Leipzig: The Battle of Nations 1813”. The Emperor Press, Chicago, 1996
- Duben Lasalle Scenario Duben
- Raguhn Lasalle Scenario Raguhn

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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Probsthain. A retreat in haste

This small rearguard affair took place during the mini-campaign of Duben, some days before the battle of Leipzig (October 1813), when Napoléon advanced northwards to face the Allied forces in the area: the Bernadotte's Army of the North and the Bluecher's Army of Silesia, with the goal to crush the last. The combats around Duben have been adapted to table-game in the Lasalle Scenarios Duben and Raguhn (See also the full Scenarios of Duben and Raguhn at the main web site).
I found information of this small affaire in the book "Mémoires de Langeron, général d'infanterie dans l'armée russe, campagnes de 1812, 1813, 1814 publiés, d'après le manuscrit original, pour la Société d'histoire contemporaine, par L.G.F. [Fabry]. 1902" that can bee downloaded free from the Gallica site.
Below you can see part of the pages 299 and 300, where this combat is described.

Watch this space!

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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Prelude to Dessau (and III)

The combat is finished

A French fantassin knocks down the last Cossack ...
... while the Prussian is dismounted by a French shot ...
... but he re-mounts and leads his Fusiliers towards the safety
... running from the French...
.. which remain in the field
The Allied patrol has been defeated and the French take the buildings, finishing a very hard affaire: Too many losses for so little result!

The next thing will be a Lasalle Scenario: Probsthain. A retreat in haste

Watch this space!

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